Edge force measuring and lifting equipment

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Edge force measuring and lifting equipment

The lifting equipment consists of two mobile boogies. Integrated within the superstructure is a hydraulic power pack which drives the two hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders are situated in the highly robust and laterally adjustable lifting blocks.

The lifting blocks and the jack contact surfaces (lifting points) can be repositioned along the cross-beam via a spindle. This allows the flexibility to lift and control a number of different types of Locomotive and carriage.

Once the carriage has been lifted, the lifting blocks can be locked out using safety bolts which ensure that the height selected is safely maintained. The position of the safety bolts themselves can also be controlled by sensors.

An optional function to weigh and calculate the centre of gravity is available upon request. Here, the lifting blocks have been fitted out with “load cells“, which can transfer the load input into a unit of weight.

With the accompanying software these values can be evaluated in order to determine the counter force and the centre of gravity.


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