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Conveyorized/Tunnel Cleaners

Best suited for cleaning small to medium sized mass production mechanical parts – using aqueous-based medium to high pressure spray jet cleaning technologies. The cleaning process is continuous and involves several stages of cleaning and rinsing processes with options for different type of drying stages. For critical and thorough cleaning requirements, Ultrasonic Cleaning technology may be employed as an option.  The Cyclojet Conveyorized/Tunnel Cleaners come in three standard sizes: Small/ Medium/ Large – according to the width of the conveyor – with other sizes customized as an option. The typical standard cleaning process is as follows : LOAD > SPRAY CLEAN > SPRAY RINSE > FINAL RINSE > BLOW-DRY > UNLOAD – with others as an option. An optional fully integrated Conveyorised Drying Oven can also be incorporated into the Cleaning System to ensure 100% drying of the clean parts.

•         Multi-stage progressive cleaning of mass production mechanical parts
•         Fully automatic operation with full process monitoring and control
•         High cleaning efficiency and reliability
•         Aesthetically and ergonomically designed
•         Full stainless steel constructions on all wetted parts
•         Water-based cleaning with 100% automatic filtering and recycling
•         Automatic wash/ rinse water diversion and filtration system
•         Electric heating with microprocessor based digital temperature control

•         Steam Extractor
•         Oil-Separator Assembly
•         Fine Particles Filters
•         Auto-Detergent Dosage System
•         Conveyor Drying Oven

•         Continuous cleaning of mass production of small or medium sized mechanical parts
•         High cleaning efficiency and reliability
•         Water-based cleaning using environmental friendly detergent
•         Easy maintenance and servicing
•         Automatic filtering and recycling
•         Optimizing operator’s productivity
•         Can be configured from simple to a sophisticated cleaning machine

Industrial Applications
•         Automotive Parts
•         Metal Forming and Stamping
•         Moulding & Casting
•         PCBs manufacturing
•         Precision Machining
•         Other Manufacturing Industries


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